Cease the moment…

In exactly two weeks from today, my husband, boys and I are traveling to a little piece of heaven known as Bali.

This trip has been in the making for a good few years and it’s actually hard to imagine that the time has come! This is too exciting! My OCD’ness has completely kicked in and I eat, sleep and dream everything Bali at the moment.

Before I met my husband, I never imagined that I would travel to Kruger National Park, let alone other countries and islands.  I was very shy and did not like the unknown…

But in stepped my hubby, my best friend for the past 12 years.  He pushed me right out of my comfort zone and made me completely come out of my shell.  I fell head over heals for traveling and exploring other countries and cultures.

I am so truly thankful for this special human that God sent on my path, he not only helped me with the above, but more than that he taught me to cease the moment. So often in life we let our upbringing or past define us and instill fears in us that keep us from seeing the beauty in life.

In twelve years we have travelled a good part of the globe and now we get to do it with our boys.  What a gift to instill this traveling bug in my boys from a young age (hopefully they’ll like it as much as us).

So in honour of Fathers Day this coming Sunday, I am writing about my better half and saying thank you to all the dad’s out there!  You absolutely rock ALL the time.

Thank you for being the calm in our storm, for loving us no matter what, for loving Mom (on her bad days) no matter what, for being the handyman, for being the Google expert, for being there to play the rough games and walk the dogs.
Thank you for who you are and the big role you play in our lives.

May you all have a fantastic weekend and cease the moment with your life partner every day.


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