Adventure time..

In exactly 21 days my husband and I are traveling to Bali Indonesia with our two toddler boys.

This marks the first family holiday overseas for us. How exciting! I’m so privilege to be able to show my boys a different country and culture.

But I need your help mama’s…

We have done a fair amount of traveling here in SA via our car.  So I pretty much have that down when it comes to long car trips.  But I’m going in blindly with this overseas trip.

Let me just say that I have two amazing boys and I think they will surprise us on the long journey over.  But they are busy boys and as their mom I want to make the trip as fun as possible for them.  I’m not a great lover of iPad’s or tablets, but realise we will have to resort to them, just so my husband and I can keep our sanity…

Now this is where you come in.  What are your top traveling tips?

And mum’s please share everything, as I said, I’m flying blind here, so I will appreciate every little suggestion.

From what I read, the Bali community loves children and are overall very friendly people.  I’m beyond excited [nervous] for this trip and after the cold week we have had here in Hermanus, I can’t wait for some warm sun on my skin.

Hope to hear from you and looking forward to your tips!


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