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  • Oh-Lief Shampoo

    <strong>Gentle & caring for baby and our environment!</strong></p> All in One Wash<br /> Soft for baby’s skin & eyes.</p> <div id="stcpDiv"> A soft, luxurious baby wash made from olive oil, natural clay and a small dash of relaxing roman ch...
  • R&R Baby Body Lotion

    This light moisturizer leaves skin feeling soft, with the delicately sweet scent of our organic chamomile oil.</p> ...
  • R&R Baby Milk Wash

    A creamy lather that cleans and conditions baby’s delicate skin. This ultra-gentle, creamy milk is perfect for newborns! It allows you to thoroughly cleanse your baby’s face and body while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.</p> ...
  • R&R Kids Bubble Bath

    Your kids will love bath time with Naturals Beauty Kids Bubble Bath. Free from any harsh ingredients, this foam bath is mild and gentle on sensitive skin types, and only adds happiness to the daily bath time routine, which can sometimes be a daunting...
  • R&R Kids Conditioner

    The soap-free, SLS-free Naturals Beauty Kids Conditioner is full of natural goodness to tame tangled locks. Jojoba oil will soak your little one’s hair with all the nourishment it needs; while soothing calendula and chamomile oils condition the sen...
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    Sprogipad bath cushion

    <p class="p1"><strong><span class="s1">Simply Child Baby Bath Cushion</span></strong></p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1">For new moms and experienced ones alike, washing a new-born is a tricky ordeal that often requires a second pair of hands. With t...